JPass development guide:

The jpass development guide describes how to setup your environment to work together with jpass CVS. The information has been compiled from my own experience. The following is discussed:

Step 1. Setting up the IDE to work with CVS

Step 2. XML Libraries needed for jpass

Step 3. adapt the jpass HOME vars and .ini file  

Step 4. Compiling and using the jpass.

Note: I am a win32 user (mostly), so you will probably need to change some more is you run UNIX or apple. I would be very pleased to get some tips on how to develop on an apple or UNIX platform. 

Step 1. Setting up your IDE: (Jbuilder & CVS)

If you checkout with CVS, all files will be read-only. In order to be able to compile and 
run the application you could do the following:

1. Create a new directory which you could call "c:\jpass_proj" or /jpass_proj if you run UNIX.

2. Copy the xml & html directories from "jpass_resources" to this new dir. 
remove the read-only attribute from these directories. (Don't change the file 
attributes in the src folder as CVS will not like that!!) 

3. Create a project in jbuilder or other IDE and let the source directory point to the jpass
checkout directory: Let the other project directories point to the jpass_proj folder. In general 
make sure the IDE doesn't need to write in the jpass_resources checkout folder as this is read-only.

4. Add al the .java files to your project. 

5. You now have set-up the environment properly. 

This is how my project looks like:

Step 2: XML libraries:

1. In order to compile the client you will need the Java Runtime Environment plus the following libraries:

JAXP (Java XML Pack)

JAXM (Java XML PAck)
Apache SOAP 

You can download the java XML pack from sun:

You can get the Apache SOAP implementation from:

2. In Jbuilder you need to add the libraries. You also need to add the libraries to the jbuilder project properties.

(Any tips on other IDE's are most welcome). 

Step 3. Adapt the HOME var. and .ini files. 

1. Tell CVS you are going to edit the files (Trace -> Edit Selection in winCVS). 

2. Changing the src. (Should get the path another way either env or argument). 

You will need to change the default path in the, 

String HOME_DIR = "c:\\jpass_proj";


String HOME_DIR = "/jpass_proj";

You will also need to change the paths in

String HOME_DIR = "c:\\Christophe\\jpass_resources";
String HOME_DIR_UX = "c:/Christophe/jpass_resources/";

3. Check the webpass.ini file and adapt the paths to your 
situation. (try deleting the ini file and see what happens!)

This of course a short term solution, but hey.... feel free to improve the PATH settings in jpass!

Step 4. Compiling and using jpass:

1. You can now compile and use the application. 
If it crashes, it's probably because jpass is looking for files referred to in the .ini files or in the .java source. 

2. Play around with the functions and check the code to see what happens. 
There is a test.xml file you can open.

Here is a screenshot of jpass in action!

3. you can also decide to create a desktop icon. One way to do so is to create a cmd file, which you can run from a desktop shortcut.