JPass winCVS configuration:

This document describes on how to get access to the CVS repository for JPass.

The CVS clinet I use is winCVS. The sourceforge CVS repository requires a secure connection to access the CVS. The secure connection is established using ssh. (It's like a save Telnet). 

1. Get the software and install.

Install openSSH, you should get a directory similar to this:

C:\Program Files\NetworkSimplicity

SSH requires some environment settings to work correctly:

HOME=C:\Program Files\NetworkSimplicity\ssh

test (Command line): ssh <userid>

2. Install winCVS

go to preferences and configure like this:

The IP address is used instead of, you won't need proper DNS setup if you use IP.

The ssh settings are picture here:

The -N option is VERY important. I found out you need to use this, to prevent ssh to set all kinds of shell settings on the server which are not allowed by the cvs server on (#$@%@^ took me hours.....).

3. Now check out jpass, you will be prompted for your password in a DOS box. you can read in @reference to jpass developers document.